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We create and curate NFT collections.

We are currently building two collections: Boogie-Woogie, and Pickle Wars.

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Our inspiration came from Piet Mondrian's iconic painting—Broadway Boogie Woogie. His ability to capture the essence of both the city and music by using elements of color, scale, and composition inspires this collection.

We are using our love of code to develop and iterate a generative process that outputs abstract representations of works of art we find inspirational. We distill these works down into blocks of color, controlling color balance and scale, to achieve an honest representation of the original work in the form of a random, unique digital rendering.

Each calendar quarter—starting Q4 2021 through Q4 2024—we will release a run of 125 Boogie-Woogie NFTs based on five (5) works of art. We will produce 25 unique 1-of-1 Boogie-Woogie NFTs per art piece, per run. We have reserved 345 NFTs for Bespoke Boogie-Woogies: single, unique images created upon request using whatever inspirational image is supplied. Only 1970 Boogie-Woogie NFTs will be created this generation.

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Pickle Wars

Pickle Wars is an NFT project created by Dandy Lines focusing on the conflict between Pickle Haters United (PHU), and The Pickle Republic (TPR).

We create unique characters and imagery to capture the absurdity of a world where pickles fight to survive eradication.

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